Thursday, July 3, 2008

Big Changes

So a lot of stuff has happened in the last few days. This weekend Davey started walking. He had been able to take a few steps before, but now he's making fully controlled two-footed journeys across the room. A day or two after he started walking, he started crawling in the normal style instead of what I can best describe as the breast-stroke across the floor.

On Monday I interviewed with Logos Research Systems, which is the number one Bible software company out there. I got an offer that night and immediately accepted. I'm excited to start work in two weeks. During my interview, I asked Bob, the company owner and president, about his vision for the company. To summarize, he wants the Bible and supporting texts to be ubiquitous so that nobody has an excuse for not knowing the truth. That's a vision I can get behind and be excited about. I'll be working on the content delivery team, which will be working on bringing data to the Internet.

Also on Monday, Tamara had an ultrasound. We're having a girl. It's a bit scary for me; I'm not sure why, but I'm afraid of little girls. Tam and I and most everyone else who weighed in thought we were going to have another little boy. I was excited to have a couple little guys growing up together, but this will be fun too, I'm sure.

Tamara wants to buy a different house too, but I don't think with a new kid and a job change, a new house is a bit much. The extra space, both inside and outside, would be nice, but I'm content where we are. Tam is too, but we can't entertain a very large group in our current house. Oh well, maybe next year.