Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Next Level of Bible Study

It occurred to me while working on the Logos iPhone app that there have been a number of technologic breakthroughs over the last few thousand years that have been transformative in how they advance the study of scripture.
  • Translation of the Bible into one's own language.
  • Printing of the Bible providing a cheap, portable copy.
  • Computerization of the Bible, indexing for search and linking to other resources.
I think now we have reached the next level of Bible study tooling. With the Logos iPhone app you have a mobile library that fits in your pocket. There many different translations of the Bible, original language texts, reverse interlinears and text comparisons. There are help resources such as dictionaries, commentaries, charts and maps. Everything is cross referenced. Everything is indexed for nearly instantaneous search. Because it is an Internet-based application, it is virtually infinitely expandable.

Think about that for a minute. In my pocket, right now, is a device that provides me a virtually infinite amount of information useful for Bible study, presented in an easy to use, organized manner. It blew my mind a little bit when I realized that.

I think the Logos iPhone app represents the next technological breakthrough that takes Bible study to another level. But at Logos, we're never satisfied. Wait until you see how we can use these tools to help people not only more and better Bible study, but also also help people do more of it together.

We got the Logos iPhone app through on the first try

I didn't expect it to happen, but Logos Bible Software for the iPhone was accepted 15 days after the first submission. Woo hoo! Find it in the App Store. It's FREE. We already have an update in the works that will fix a few annoyances and we'll be submitting that soon.

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