Monday, August 18, 2008

Prov-a-Day 2.0

Back when I was in junior high, my dad got something called Visual Basic at work, which made it very easy to write Windows programs. I started playing around with it quite a bit. When Visual Basic 3.0 came out, it added an embedded database, so I started playing with that. One of the first programs I wrote with VB3 was Prov-a-Day, which just displayed a random verse that I had typed in from the book of Proverbs. That was 1993. I am please to announce, 15 years later, Prov-a-Day 2.0. This time around, it's a widget that you can put on your blog or other web page and it pulls random verses from Proverbs from, the project I've been working on at work.

BTW, I love my new job.