Wednesday, January 23, 2008


xkcd is often pretty entertaining, but I found this one amusing in a different sense:

The obvious logical fallacy here is that you can prove supernatural powers through natural methods. If you could, the powers wouldn't be supernatural. I don't know what inspired that comic, but I think it's interesting when people make science their religion and refuse to think outside the bounds of the physical world. Physics, geology and biology cannot answer a huge class of life's questions. They don't adequately address such philosophical and spiritual issues as love, greed, morals or purpose. It's almost as if you can't prove it with math or observe it with a microscope it isn't important or isn't even real. That seems like a pretty narrow view of the world to me.


Tamara said...

i liked your statement about people making science their religion and refusing to think outside the realm of the physical world. i think that's what drives me the most "crazy" - when "scientific" people refuse to have any kind of faith (and i'm not talking just religion here). but ultimately, doesn't it take faith to believe in science? they just don't see it that way.

Leif Wickland said...

Another of our friends recently posted a very similar thought.

It seems like the meme of science as an inadequate religion which cannot address the immaterial is going around.