Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dewey Griffin Loses a Customer Forever

I just had Dewey Griffin do some recall work on my Subaru to fix a fuel leak. The mechanic broke a gasket while removing a part. They didn't have another one and had to order it, leaving me without a car for the day. I understand that stuff happens, but here's what I don't understand: they charged me for the gasket. I argued with the service manager, Jim Clark, but he wouldn't budge. He acknowledged that the gasket would not have broken if they hadn't done the work but because Subaru wouldn't reimburse him he chose to charge me. Congratulations, Jim, you got your $9.74 and lost a customer forever.


GG Tri Guy said...

That $9.74 bought them the best advertising any business could hope for... Word of mouth! Similar situation for me at Jerry Chambers 10+ years ago, still won't go in there, and happy to tell anyone about it.

Unknown said...

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