Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Faith for the little things

I've been going through a pretty rough time the past couple weeks with some stressful situations. The biggest struggle was really with my faith. It wasn't so much a crisis of faith in that I questioned what I believe; it was more an issue of putting into practice what I do believe, particularly that God is in control and I need to trust Him to take care of me.

One of the reasons this problem came up is that I had not been trusting God in the little things. We can get by with a lot on this earth without God. Billions of unbelievers do it every day. Doing things that way seems to work out while circumstances are good. It doesn't lead to a life of joy or peace, but it's not really agony either. But what happens when something comes along that is more than we can handle without God?

If we don't trust Him for the little things, the every day things, if we're not trusting in Him when times are good, how can we expect to trust Him when times are bad?

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Tamara said...

thanks for your leadership, sweetie. it's so heart-warming to have you pray with davey every night. to have you talking about your faith. to have you kick me in the butt to live my faith. i love you.