Tuesday, February 5, 2008

No wonder the church isn't effective

I heard Michael Zimmerman on a radio program last night talking about the compatibility of Christianity and science. Zimmerman is a scientist who founded the
Clergy Letter Project, a statement that basically reduces the Bible to a book of "moral truths" in an effort to reconcile Christianity and science. Now I think that Christianity and science are 100% compatible, but I don't think you need to throw out the Bible to get there. I think it's a mistake for the Christian community to deny that species change over time -- it just makes us look stupid. But I think it's also a mistake to think that current scientific theory trumps God's word. Zimmerman did have one excellent point: science cannot prove or disprove the existence of God. I would add to that that science will never be able to prove or disprove the Genesis creation story because you cannot evaluate the supernatural with natural methods.

Anyway, back to the title point: it's no wonder the church isn't as effective as it should be when you have thousands of Christian leaders willing to throw the idea of the Bible as the authoritative word of God out the window.


Tamara said...

it's such a sad reality. a rather depressing thought, too, to think of people going to church to find answers... truth... and what they get isn't always that.

Anonymous said...

Hey, you should check out Intelligent Church by Steve Chalke and Anthony Watkis... it speaks to exactly what you're talking about - not just with regards to science, but with other social issues facing the 21st century. It's a good read and definitely worth checking out...

oh, and I'm right with you on your science/faith/bible ideas.